Friday, 21 September 2012



Morning BloggerHeart ,
wake up earlier, on my lappy and create new blog post

New hobby?
Each person must have their hobby, as well as me.

Actly i do not know since when I began to love to play skate * serious: P

Ermmm, maybe since the beginning to make friends with a friend who
also have a hobby like playing skate
Gang AgressiveInline =)

But I'm not a AgressiveInline! : D
I'm nOt pro like Them, who already play a skate for many years

Me just a Basic only =)
Very Danger;), the satisfaction when fall! seriously  for me not directly in pain when fall 

Thanks to Him teach Me , Thanks Dear :*
He is AgressiveInline 

p/s maaf la law bhasa english aku ne trok sbb bru nak bljar *Oh My English :O

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