Saturday, 9 March 2013

Difference Between Girl and Woman


New update for today , My New Story 
Okay, actually i'm confused about means of girl and woman
i'm already 21 years for this year . 
My mom always call me that i'm not a girl anymore but a women even 
My boyfriend also say me i"m not a girl but a women 

Well i try to search web .. to understand means of girl and women . just wanna to share :)


The term Girl refers to the female human starting from the very moment of the mother’s pregnancy. Until childhood and teenage years, the females are still considered as a girl but when they reach the adolescent period, others prefer to call them as young woman.


Woman or women is the term given for female humans who have reached the maturity period and adulthood commonly around 18 years old and above. Woman comes from an Old English word “wifman” which literally means “female human”.

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